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Depending on the application mascara is divided into lengthens, curling and waterproof mascara. They differ not only in the composition, but also the shape of the brush.

The purpose of lengthening mascara has already been clear from the title. It consists of special fibers (usually silk or nylon), making eyelashes longer. Often this mascara is sold in double tubes - white creamy contains lengthening fiber and colored cream embellishes eyelashes. Many manufacturers have this means, for example, Avon and Maybelline. The main thing when using this type of mascara - do not overdo when applying it, or your eyelashes become so long that they will hinder you to open your eyes. You should apply lengthening mascara no more than two layers. Among the most popular mascaras the experts call lengthening mascara by Cristian Dior, Avon, Maybelline.

Lengthening mascara adds volume to lashes and it emphasizes the eyes very well, making lashes fluffy. This effect is achieved due to the wax that coats the lashes from all sides. Some companies, for example, L'Oreal, is provided tube with an additional brush that helps to create compelling image of the eyelashes.


When using curling mascara then desired effect is achieved by curling motion with a special brush that has short bristles or fibers of different lengths, which distribute the paint on eyelashes evenly. Curling mascara contains a resin and keratin, which tighten eyelashes when dry, thus giving them a curled appearance. You can find out more by visiting our website where you will learn about the best mascara 2012.

Waterproof mascara is good for wet weather, as its constituent resins, do not let it shall be melted. This type of mascara is more aggressive for your eyelashes and is more likely to cause an allergic reaction, so it is recommended using it only in the most extreme cases. If you have decided to use waterproof mascara, you need to pay attention to the inscription on the packaging. If there is marked "waterproof", you can safely put mascara on your eyes when going to the pool, sauna, but at least in the wet forests of the Amazon! This mascara withstands any moisture. But then you will have to wash it off with a special solvent because ordinary makeup remover does not do.

If the box says "waterproof", even though it means that your mascara is resistant to water, but it is not recommended to apply it in high humidity.

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Types of mascara

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Types of mascara

This article was published on 2013/04/17