How Long Does Latisse® Take to Work?

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Eyelashes add life to your expressions and draw attention to your eyes, one of the most prominent features of your face. When eyelashes are thin, your eyes can look startled or unnaturally wide, detracting from the overall balance of your face. Self-consciousness about sparse eyelashes can reduce your willingness to engage in social situations or otherwise affect your quality of life.

Insufficient or sparse eyelashes can be more than just an aesthetic issue, though. Eyelashes are intended to help protect the eyes from dust, dirt and other harmful particles. Without eyelashes, these particles are more likely to irritate or even damage your eyes.


How Latisse Can Help

Bimatoprost, or Lumigan®, has been marketed for many years as a treatment for glaucoma. However, doctors and ophthalmologists began to notice an interesting side effect in their glaucoma patients. In addition to reducing the pressure within the eyeball, Lumigan appeared to stimulate eyelash growth.

After some study, bimatoprost was approved for use as a prescription treatment for sparse or insufficient eyelashes. Under the brand name Latisse, this prescription medication is still relatively new, but becoming increasingly popular.

Latisse produces fairly dramatic results in most users, making eyelashes thicker, longer and more attractive. Though doctors do not know how or why Latisse stimulates eyelash growth, it appears to both increase the length of the lashes' natural growth phase and cause more eyelashes to sprout during this phase. The result is thicker, lusher lashes.


How Long Latisse Takes to Show Results

Latisse is not a quick fix solution, but with diligent use and patience the results can be dramatic. For best results, Latisse must be applied nightly. Latisse comes in sterile applicator packages, with one applicator to be used each night. Applicators should not be reused to prevent the possibility of eye infection. Latisse is applied to the lash line of the upper lashes and naturally migrates to the lower lashes when you blink. It should not be applied directly to the lower lash line.

Most patients begin to see results after about eight weeks of regular use. Full results can take three to four months. Once full results are achieved, many patients can reduce application from every night to every other night to maintain their new, thicker lashes. If you stop using Latisse completely, though, your lashes will return to their previous, sparse condition.

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How Long Does Latisse® Take to Work?

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This article was published on 2010/10/11