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An integral part of women's appearance is long and fluffy eyelashes. They increase the eyes and your look becomes more expressive. Usually, to achieve this result, you have to put mascara on. But you may avail yourself and forget about the daily morning and evening make-up removal. You will be able to go to bed and wake up with thick and long lashes.

Do you want that all women envy you and men run mad for your look? Lash artists will make your dreams come true!

Special method 3D-Lash will make your lashes long and fluffy. A specially formulated adhesive will retain the natural look of your eyelashes.

What is the distinctive feature of 3D-Lashes?


Your lashes will look completely natural and they will be very light, soft and comfortable wearing. They resistant to sun, water, sweat and tears. You can take a shower, sauna and take a swim as well. The lash procedure is very comfortable and relaxing for you.

3D-Lashes technique consists in that an artificial eyelash is glued one by one to a natural lash. Eyelashes are made of special synthetic fibers. This material is identical to human hair.

Extended eyelash is a flexible material and it is difficult enough to break them and they have a beautiful natural bend as well.

Do 3D-Lashes damage your natural eyelashes?

Lash adhesive and "3D-Lashes" are absolutely harmless to your natural lashes. Lash adhesive is characterized by high quality. 3D-Lashes are applied with special a Perfect bonding technique.

How long do 3D-Lashes last?

Usually, 3D-Lashes hang by your eyelids about one month then you will have to get regular a touch up.

Every woman dreams of expressive eyes framed by long lashes. Today all women have an opportunity to make their dreams come true. Innovative 3D-Lashes technique has become more popular in the US. This technique is very similar to individual eyelash extensions. Sometimes 3D-lashes technique is associated with mink eyelash extensions. Find out more information about eyelash extensions in Auckland. You may read articles, watch videos and see the photos on our website.

Many modern, creative girls and women prefer this procedure because of the benefits of 3D eyelashes. Extended eyelashes perfectly emphasize your eyes and at the same time they will look more expressive, impressive and absolutely natural. Eyelashes for 3D-Lash technique are made of high quality synthetic raw materials, so they perfectly imitate natural human hair with elasticity, flexibility, strength properties and external characteristics.

3D lashes require no special extra care. Besides their heat and moisture resistance allows women not to change daily routine - women can go the swimming pool, take a shower, sauna. Women may bask in the sunshine and swim in the sea, go in the gym and a solarium. These lashes have a beautifully curved shape that does not require additional twisting.

3D eyelash technique has a wide range of color palette of eyelashes. Lash salons offer the traditional black and brown colors of eyelashes to extravagant violet and red ones. 3D-Lashes are made of materials which pass tough dermatological control that ensures absolute safety and harmless procedure.

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This article was published on 2013/03/27